Fertility Checker


1How old are you?

2You have been pregnant? (Regardless of natural pregnancy, AIH, IVF)

3Menstrual cycle?

4Do you have menstrual pain?

5The menstrual blood loss?

6There's menstruation blood clots like chicken liver?

7Menstrual period?

8Ovulation leucorrhea increase?

9Fraud bleeding?


11BBT of ovulation period

12How many higher temps?

13How's higher temps?

14Follicles grow up left or right?

15Day3 FSH levels?

16Day3 LH levels?

17Day3 E2 levels?

18P4 levels during higher temps?



21Often you feel pressure?

22Work busy?

23Often feel down, no motivation?


25Drinking everyday?

26Previously due to weight loss or stress, you have lose weight suddenly experience?


BMI automatic calculation
Height cm
Weight kg
Your BMI is

28A poor blood circulation?

29Recently, not suitable for skin cosmetics?

30Your hair is not shiny, fluffy hair, increased hair?

31Vertical stripes increased to nail

32Often through irregular life?

33Sleep time?

34Insomnia, not sound sleeping, woke up still feeling tired?

35Aerobic exercise (walking, swimming)?

36Meal time is regularly?

37How much to eat a meal?

38Often eat sweets, drink coffee or soft drinks sweetened?

39Fried, convenience foods, cakes, fast food a week to eat it more than twice?

40Is not carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasta) eat very little, or eat coarse grain (brown rice etc.)?

41Meat and fish are often eat it?

42Often eat soy foods?

43Vegetables eat a lot?

44Often eat dairy products?

45Folic acid, vitamin B, iron, zinc supplements eat every day?

Answered all?